Retractable Extension Cord More than just extension cords!

APC Group, Inc. is the leading designer, developer, manufacturer and supplier of Watertight Indoor / Outdoor Retractable Power Cord Reels and electrical wire and cable products for consumer, commercial and industrial applications.

Who needs a retractable extension cord?

The answer is really quite simple. YOU!

Otherwise why would you be here, searching and surfing for such a thing?

Well, now you know the product exists and you've come to the right place.

It's time to stop fussing around... It's time to get organized!

End your headaches & frustrations over...
Getting power to hard to reach places.

Say goodbye to:

- Nasty extension cord tangles
- Unsightly cords laying all over the place
- Avoid potential safety hazards anywhere you use extension cords

Say hello to:

All the benefits & convenience our products provide.

Here at an authorized marketing/sales division of APC Group Inc. we specialize in outdoor-indoor industrial retractable power products & all aspects of cord extension.

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Featuring: multi-purpose, water tight, retractable, electrical, extension, cord reels. All with unique applications. Our other product lines include, standard heavy duty extension cords, for indoor & outdoor use, and Polar, Solar, cold climate electrical cords.

Extension cord storage reel specifically designed for:
vehicles, boat, RV, home, garage, shop, building, industry, hospital, medical, health care facility, veterinary clinic, etc.

Simply put: This means that every place that had a need for instant retractable power, but was never available before, now has an option.

Our products have arrived to serve any purpose you can possibly imagine.


Arctic Leash - vehicle mount - retractable extension cord reel
The ultimate cold weather automotive engine block heater extension cord.
Never carry an extension cord again!
Introducing the only watertight retractable automotive extension cord reel that permanently mounts to your vehicle. Protects against severe weather without draining the battery. Saves time, money, & fuel. Assists in reducing vehicle emissions. Safe & simple to use. Easy to install. Conveniently ready whenever you need it. Completely hidden out of sight.
Pull to plug in - retract with a tug.

Arctic Leash - Home/Building/Industrial - Wall mount - retractable extension cord reel
The only all weather, watertight, indoor/outdoor mount retractable extension cord designed for use in all seasons. Perfect for reducing clutter and enhancing safety in any workshop, garage, or indutrial application.

Marine Leash
The only water resistant marine power cord reel for use on yachts, sailboats and ships which use 110 volt generator power.
The Marine Leash is the only retractable extension cord designed specifically to be mounted where protection from the elements is required.

Scissor Lift Leash
The Scissor Lift Leash is the ideal extension cord reel add-on, to any type of scissor lift with supplied power. The water resistant case and internal circuit breaker ensures operation of the lift leash in all types of weather conditions. Instant power for users and a reduction in tripping hazards.

Service Truck Boom Leash
The water resistant 4 x enclosure rating and polar/UV resistant cord make the Boom Leashes use on service trucks a must. Ideal for use as a anti-2-block data reel.

MedReel - hospital grade - retractable extension cord reel - medical

MedReel - the safe answer to power cord management! The first CSA medically approved, hospital/medical grade, green dot certified, electrical extension cord reel that retracts. Available for use in all health care facilities.

Featuring: user-friendly design, waterproof case & durable retraction mechanism.

Extension cord reels can be mounted on beds, equipment & ceilings to keep critical areas clear & safe. MedReel is guaranteed to remain plugged in when you need it to.

Perfect for:

*Hospital beds
*Crash carts
*Operating Room (s)
*Trauma Centers
*Pediatric facilities
*Portable equipment
*Mobile medical units
*Mobile blood centers
*Occupational Therapy
*Emergency Room (s)
*Physical Therapy
*Geriatric wards
*Research labs
*Veterinary clinics
*Dentist offices, etc.

Arctic Leash Extension Cords - Polar/Winter - Indoor/Outdoor
Arctic Leash brand extension cords are made with solid steel prongs, additional stress relief and are UL approved. The polar cords are SJEOOW, the highest rating for polar/winter cords. Our heavy duty indoor/outdoor extension cords have a rating of SJTW

APC Group Inc.
is the only company that can produce a watertight retractable cord reel made for extreme element situations. Our products include a broad range of polar and non-polar standard extension cords, retractable extension cords for consumer, industry, construction, medical facilities, and marine.

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or Over the Counter Bulletin Board.
Stock ticker symbol APCU.

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to be the undisputed leader in the innovative design, marketing, sales and distribution of water-tight retractable power cords and polar extension cords products. Our vision is to diversify opportunities featuring any and all combinations of use with retactable power cord and standard cords.