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Arctic Leash distributor, dealer & retailer researched facts 

Needs & Uses: 

The Arctic leash provides the ease to an obvious necessity and is changing the standard by which people plug-in their vehicles in cold weather regions.

Simply stated, this unique extension cord reel is convenient, easy to use and saves you money in fuel costs.

Given a choice between the conventional methods people currently use to plug their vehicles in versus the Arctic Leash, they’ll pick the retractable every time.

The reason is simple, when the temperatures are very cold, no one wants to stand outside and untangle the extension cord they carry in the back seat, or beat the snow out of the plug from the cord they left lying in the snow.

Add that to the embarrassment of accidentally dragging an extension cord down the street and you soon begin to see the picture. It’s obvious that a need for a product like ours has been required for quite a while.

Just consider all the alternative methods people have devised over the years .

One of the most noticeable and unsightly methods is to wrap the cord around the side mirror, others have wrapped cords around bumpers or even their license plate.

The fact is, people have always wanted a better answer but the reality is, they still had to stand out in the cold just as long to unravel their cord. But, not anymore! 


Extensive research & marketing has been completed in order to make the Arctic leash a successful addittion to you aftermarket products.

Several different methods were tested to find which marketing strategy would be the most successful.

The following information is the path we suggest to obtain the quickest results. 


Through the past decades numerous advances have been achieved in the automotive industry that have made owning a vehicle in cold weather regions more convenient.

Probably the most significant advancement was the introduction of the engine block heater in the 1960's for obvious reasons.

The block heater was significantly more convenient from the traditional forms being used at that time.

The creation of studded tires helped to dramatically increase vehicle traction. Though as time progressed advances in tire manufacturing have made studded tires somewhat more of a convenience than a necessity.

Speaking of convenience, seat heaters and automatic car starters made their way onto the market and consumers found these products to be well worth the cost for the ease and convenience they provide.

When you put this into perspective you can see why consumers find the vehicle mount extension cord reel so useful! The retractable extension cord reel provides the ease & convenience to an obvious necessity.


First we suggest that you chose one or two different models to install the Arctic Leash - vehicle mount on. 1 Gas & 1 diesel engine.

We reccomend a truck or SUV due to the fact they are the easiest and quickest for installation.

We will provide you with a list of vehicles that other dealerships have installed the extension cord reel on.

Depending on the size of your inventory we reccommend that you install the unit on 20 - 30 percent of those particular models.

Most dealerships found that a great deal of their customers would either pick a model that had the vehicle mount, retractable extension cord reel already installed on it or would request to have one installed.

Once dealers had received a positive response they began to install the Arctic Leash - vehicle mount on nearly all of the remaining models. Some dealerships now install the retractable block heater extension cord reel as part of their complete winterization package

Here at APC Group INC. we have considerable confidence that you would find great success with the addition of the vehicle mount to your after market product inventory.

With the short amount of time that the extension cord reel has been on the market it has been met with great interest from industry members and consumers alike.

We reccommend you contact one of the many dealerships, such as 
Gene's Chrysler 

They can provide more first hand details & interactions they have experienced with their customers in relation to the
Arctic Leash - Vehicle Mount. 

Truly a necessary convenience to make winters more "bearable" 

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