Arctic Leash Installation - Manual and Videos

Welcome to the Arctic Leash installation & information centre. 

Here you will find all the helpful tips & installation techniques you will require, to easily install our heavy duty Arctic Leash vehicle mount retractable extension cord reel, right to your vehicle's engine block heater. For perfect Arctic Leash Installation every time.


The vehicle mount comes complete with hardware and mounting instructions, for your convenience. Featuring a simple step by step, how-to guide, including helpful tips on how to maintain the product.

However, if you're not a handyman or do-it-yourselfer & you need to have the product professionally installed? Any qualified automotive dealership or service shop should be able to do so for you, with approximately half hour of shop time.

Artic Leash Installation tips:

1. Trial fit the unit on the vehicle to determine a good mounting location. Arrow on the case should point down.

  • cord should pull straight out from case to receptacle
  • cord should not contact any sharp surface during it's operation
  • avoid location open to rocks or road debris
  • two good choices: behind the bumper or ahead of the wheel well

2. Install using the provided mounting kit that includes brackets, screws, grommet, and manual.

3. Check that the unit is mounted securely in place.

4. Connect female end of cord to vehicle's engine block heater cord.

5 Pull out the cord to double check that it does not contact any sharp surface during operation.

Download the complete "How To" Manual in pdf format by clicking this link. 

Arctic Leash Installation - vehicle mount - manual (.pdf) 

Or watch this highly recommended video guide. 

Arctic Leash - Installation - Vehicle Mount - Video ( Dialup Connections) 
Arctic Leash - Installation - Vehicle Mount -Video (Broadband Connections)