Arctic Leash - Vehicle Mount

Introducing The Arctic Leash - Vehicle Mount - Retractable Block Heater Extension Cord Reel

The Only Cold Weather/Outdoor, extension cord Your Vehicle Will Ever Need! 

Are you sick and tired of fighting that frozen, snowed over, tangled up old extension cord? 

Tired of losing cords?

How about almost freezing to death, while you try to get the plugged snow out of the end of it? 

Or maybe, you're bothered by your extension cord always being an extra passenger?

Problem Solved:

The all weather unit keeps your cord protected year round, neatly wound & tangle free.

Up out of the way, but always there when you need it next!

No More! 

* Fighting frozen extension cord tangles
* Lost or stolen extension cords
* Scratched paint from cords wrapped around bumpers & mirrors
* Dragging extension cords down the road

At last...

A retractable block heater cord reel that can be directly connected to your vehicle's engine. 

Plug in cars, trucks, suv's or farm equipment 
many industrial uses. 

APC Group Inc. has designed and produced the first vehicle mount retractable cord reel for engine block heaters.

Plugs into any 110-volt electrical outlet and directly connects to your engine's block heating system to protect against severe weather without draining the battery.

Permanently mountable to almost any vehicle, in multiple mounting locations. Arctic Leash - Vehicle Mount - Installation Video

Can be installed:

* Behind the bumper 
* In the front fender or wheel well 
* In the engine compartment 
* Behind the grill 
* On the vehicle frame Or 
* On any front bumper ( New Bumper Mounting Bracket )

Automotive Photo Gallery 

Arctic Leash Vehicle Mount - Bumper Mounting Bracket

Introducing the Arctic Leash Bumper Bracket. Now you can mount your Arctic Leash retractable block heater extension cord reel as easy as 1-2-3. Installs on ANY vehicle, right behind your front License Plate All it takes is two screws and your done!

Check out the pictures below.

Field tested on several different vehicles for several years. 
The Arctic leash - retractable block heater extension cord reel has been proven durable in harsh winter climates & cold climate regions from Alaska to the South Pole with less than .01% failure rate.  Polar cord remains flexible to -57F.

Pull to plug In - Retract with a tug!

When you need to plug in, simply extend the cord and plug in to any 110 volt outlet.

When you're ready to go, just give a slight tug and the cord on the Arctic leash vehicle mount automatically retracts into the durable polypropylene case, hidden out of sight.

Conveniently ready, whenever needed.

The Arctic Leash Vehicle Mount, easily installs on almost any make or model of automobile. Domestic or import.

Perfect for light, medium and heavy-duty trucks, Semi Tractor Trailers, SUV's & minivans, & most cars.

Ford, Chev, GMC, Chrysler, Dodge, and most foreign makes, such as Toyota, Nissan & Honda. 

* Dimensions of unit: 12" x 9" x 3"

* Variable cord length options: 
12 feet rated @ 15 amps OR 
18 feet rated @ 13 amps.


* Saves time, money & fuel.

* On diesels - extends life of glow plugs.

* Assists in reducing vehicle emissions.

* Internal circuit breaker. For safety, will not overheat

* Easy to install - Comes complete with installation hardware and simple to follow mounting instructions

* Watertight, flame-retardant, polypropylene case with durable retraction mechanism, corrosion resistant & acid and petroleum resistant.

* Solid heavy-duty 3 prong extension cord with additional stress relief.

* SJEOOW uppermost, UV resistant, best rated winterization cord for the winter auto enthusiast!

* Illuminated plug ends - proof unit is working

* Adjustable cord sleeve

* Conforms to CSA /ETL Enclosure 4 and UL standards.

* Includes a 3 year limited manufacturer warranty

Did you kow... Plugging in your vehicle in cold weather reduces engine wear and fuel consumption.

When an engine starts up, oil pumps throughout the block to lubricate moving parts. In a cold engine, the oil is thick and resists flow, which means the engine has to work even harder to overcome internal friction. Thick oil takes longer to circulate.

Engine Block heaters pre-warm the engine's oil and coolant, which in turn warms the engine block and lubricants. As a result, the engine will start easier and reach its peak operating temperature faster.

Fuel consumption soars in cold weather, sometimes by as much as 50 percent. That's hard on your budget and the environment.

Studies have shown that at -20°C, engine block heaters can improve overall fuel economy in your vehicle by as much as 10 percent.

For a single short trip on a cold day, that's a fuel savings of about 20 percent.

Don't Plug your vehicles engine block heater in all night long. Doing so, offsets your fuel savings by running up your electricity bill.

Two hours is all the time needed to warm a vehicles engine.

Hint: An automatic timer can be used to switch on the engine block heater a couple of hours before you plan to drive away.

Unnecessary engine idling wastes fuel. It's expensive and has been proven to cause environmental damage.

Controlled studies demonstrate that prolonged idling typically reduces the operating life of engine oil by 75 percent, from 600 engine-hours to 150 engine-hours.

Leaving your engine idling for one hour is equivalent to two hours of driving.

Imagine the savings, just by plugging in!

With the rising cost of fuel today, The Arctic Leash vehicle mount has more than proven to pay for itself within the first winter.

With it's convenience and simplicity in use as well as helping to reduce emmissions in the local community the Arctic Leash vehicle mount is a perfect fit for your existing or next vehicle. 

Get yourself or someone you love an Arctic Leash - Vehicle Mount today! Buy Arctic Leash - Vehicle Mount