What is the Arctic Leash?

Specs & History:

To better understand just exactly what the Arctic Leash is we would like to provide you with some specifications and a little history on our product.

The watertight retractable extension cord reel was created in 1992 by an inventor living in Edmonton Alberta. It has been through a battery of tests to insure it would operate in extreme cold temperatures without fail. 

Arctic-Leash Makes History!
A production company for the History Channel's show Modern Marvels came to Fairbanks to shoot one of their segments on the retractable extension cord reel for an up coming episode to air on Feb. 23rd. Local television station KXD News 13 was on hand to cover the event.
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The extension cord reel or Leash as we call it, is housed in a water tight fire retardant polypropylene case, complete with internal circuit-breaker to protect from overload and the cord is a tuff flex polar cord which is flexible to at least -57.

* Basically the unit resembles a giant tape measure with a 12, 18 or 30 foot extension cord instead of a tape. It is enclosed in a 12-by-9-by-3 plastic polypropylene case and weighs six pounds.

Available in several different models, all with different applications 
providing the ease to an obvious necessity and changing the standard by which people now plug-in. 

Pull to plug in retract with a tug... It's that quick & easy 

Arctic-Leash Cut Sheet 

Arctic-Leash makes the news

Arctic Leash Rectactable Power Cords 

Aug. 08/2008 
APC Group Inc. Goes public 
Publicly traded Stock offered on the OTCBB,
or Over the Counter Bulletin Board.
Stock ticker symbol APCU 

May 31/2012 - APCU - Stock up 125% APCU - Stock up 125%