Kitchen Cord Reel -Commercial/Restaurant - Kitchen Leash

Introducing Kitchen Leash - Kitchen Cord Reel.
The only watertight cord reel made for commercial kitchens.

Dramatically reduce or even eliminate the safety risk that traditional extension cords present to both kitchen staff & management in all facets of the restaurant/fast food industry.

The revolutionary new culinary cord reel, specifically designed for areas of food preparation where power cords need to be kept off the floors and electrical power can be made available to kitchen and support workers.

Normal extension cords become hazards when subjected to wet conditions.

The Kitchen Leash with its water-proof design & built in internal circuit breaker, eliminates these concerns.

Keep your kitchen prep areas SAFE & free from occupational safety hazards, like: electrical shock, tripping, or personal injury issues.

Ceiling-Mounted Kitchen/Restaurant Watertight Retractable Extension Cord Reel. comes in

10 ft. 14/3 wire - 4-Port female plug in Outlet
20 ft. 14/3 wire - 4-Port female plug in Outlet

* Requires Ceiling Mounting Bracket for most installations.

By mounting the Kitchen Leash overhead the power can be pulled down and retracted as needed.

In food preparation areas where cleanliness and safety is a requirement, the Kitchen Leash is a must.

The Kitchen Leash allows food preparation and cleanup crews to avoid power cables typically found on the floor. When mounted overhead the Kitchen Leash avoids water, grease and food prep waste contamination.

In the event that the Kitchen Leash becomes greasy, the Kitchen Leash can be cleaned with standard soap and water or a mild disinfectants.

Kitchen Leash - Commercial Kitchen - Culinary Cord Reel - Brochure - Free For Download 

Benefits of the Kitchen Leash:

The Kitchen Leash provides many benefits for its use in many different environments.

  • Reduces trip and fall claims
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Provides for a safe working environment
  • Simplifies food prep area cleanup
  • Provides electrical power to where it’s needed
  • Retracts out of the way when not in use
  • Can be ceiling, wall or cart mounted

Kitchen Leash Uses The Kitchen Leash is designed for use in a variety of food preparation environments including:

  •  Restaurants & Hotels
  •  Culinary Schools  
  •  School Cafeterias
  •  Food Processers
  •  Banquet Facilities
  •  Supermarkets
  •  Mobile Food Trucks
  •  Commissary
  •  Canteens
  •  Kitchens

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