MedReel Extension Cords

MedReel Extension Cords- The SAFE & FUTURE answer to ALL your medical power cord management needs 

Designed by health care professionals specifically for the healthcare industry.

MedReel- is the first CSA - medically approved - hospital grade - green dot certified - retractable - electrical extension cord reel. Available for use in all health care facilities.

This means that every place that has a need for instant retractable power, but was never allowed the use of commercial cord reels can now benefit from the user friendly, convenience the MedReel provides.

MedReel Features:

Patented waterproof design, durable retraction mechanism, heavy duty polypropylene case, green dot certified, hospital grade power cord & has been ETL tested to CSA and UL Standards. * Conforms with UL STD 355.

MedReel is the perfect choice for quick, easy & convenient plug ins.

Pull to plug in, retract back with just a tug.

Serving a wide range of applications for the medical field.

The MedReel has gone through extensive testing, specifying it a durable product for the medical environment.

MedReel extension cords - can resolve occupational safety issues, save expensive medical equipment & even eliminate costly liability concerns in your hospital or health care facility.

In today's fast paced medical work environment, traditional extension cords as we know them, present a potential occupational SAFETY hazard to both health care professionals and patients alike.

By simply installing The MedReel - medical - retractable extension cord - reel, all your problems involving extension cord safety and equipment mobility issues, within your facility could be immediately resolved.

MedReel has been designed to dramatically reduce or even eliminate the possibility of simple accidents like trips and falls to health - care employees & patients, by simply keeping extension cords OFF the floor, where most accidents usually happen.

Internal structural breakdown of electrical cords often results from repeated impacts by heavy medical equipment when extension cords lay on the floor. This can cause fires or other possible electrical dangers.

MedReel extension cords can also help reduce damage caused to expensive medical equipment.

Why?, because MedReel travels with your equipment.

Imagine the money your facility could save with no more equipment falling off carts or being knocked over, due to excess extension cord lying on the floor.

The MedReel eliminates this type of damage altogether, by shielding the cord within a durable polypropelene case.

When not in use, the MedReel - hospital grade extension cord is conveniently and safely retracted back into it's protective housing, not lying around on the floor, as traditional medical extension cords normally do.

MedReel easily mounts on:

Portable testing equipment, crash carts, dialysis machines, IV poles, computer carts,electric hospital beds, operating theatre beds, or other electrical medical equipment, etc.

Safety Features:

MedReel has gone through extensive and strict ETL testing to conform with CSA. ensuring the integrity of all MedReel components, specifying it to be a durable product.

MedReel will not become unplugged when equipment is moved or shifted. The spring-loaded reel and tight-fitting male plug end ensure an uninterrupted supply of electricity.

MedReel also comes complete with an internal circuit breaker that trips automatically, when subjected to a power surge. Therefore preventing damage to expensive medical equipment and further eliminating injury to both patients and or personnel.

Normal hospital extension cords can also become hazardous when subjected to wet conditions. MedReel is completely water-proof, further eliminating this concern.

Monitoring of the manufacturing process ensures that the MedReel continues to meet these strict safety requirements.

MedReel - ceiling mount removes extension cords completely off the floor. *MRCB - MedReel Ceiling Bracket - required

* MedReel extension cords can also be ceiling mounted in operating theatres and critical care areas, conveniently out of the way until the cord is pulled down. The extension cord remains retracted safely in the waterproof, durable case when it is not in use.

The MedReel Extension cord is the first and only product of its kind designed for the medical community, and has only been available for a short time. Many facilities have identified numerous other applications, listed below.

Perfect For: 

  • Emergency Rooms
  • Operating Rooms 
  • Trauma Centers 
  • Research labs 
  • Mobile blood centers 
  • Mobile medical units 
  • Occupational Therapy 
  •  Physical Therapy 
  • Pediatric facilities 
  • Geriatric wards

Any departments that use Portable equipment.

MedReel - Retractable - Watertight - Medical- Extension Cord Reel.
The ideal choice for electric power cord management in a wide range of applications for the medical field.

Features & benefits of the retractable medical cord reel:

• Patented water resistant Enclosure 4X rated & adjustable cord
  length safety stop. 
• Impact Resistant - durable polypropylene case. 
• Convenient retraction mechanism, easy to use. 
• Eliminates potential occupational safety hazards, by keeping cords
  off the floor. 
• Easy to mount 
• ETL tested to CSA and UL Standards Conforms with UL STD 355. 
• Internal circuit breaker protection - Cannot overheat 
• Stays plugged into the wall- Will not become unplugged when
  equipment is moved or shifted. The spring-loaded reel and tight-
  fitting male plug end, ensure an uninterrupted supply of electricity. 
• Green dot hospital grade cord available in two different
  lengths - 10ft. & 20ft. 
• The unit can be hardwired to eliminate the concern that comes
  with RPT grounding pin issues. 

A MedReel Information Brochure can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on this link MedReel Extension Cords Brochure 

Photo Brochure - See the MedReel in action 

Current MedReel Customers Just a few facilities who have found MedReel extension cords to be a very useful product. 

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