My SBI Story... 

How this Site Build It Website Business Evolved.

My SBI Story... A page about me, To help you better understand how this website business evolved.

Like most, it all began from a simple idea. An idea that I actually gave up on before it ever got started, Only to emerge back into my life once again, some 25 years later.

This is my story...

One afternoon while reading the newspaper, I glanced over this ad in the local newspaper. An ad, after which first read, put a lump in my stomach of true disbelief.

The ad simply read:

Distributors Required: Arctic leash - retractable extension cord. Attaches to any vehicle, home or shop. Inquires please contact...

"I don't believe it" I exclaimed as I nearly fell off my chair. Someone finally did it. Someone actually made it happen!

After grabbing my composure, I quickly picked up the phone and made the call. And as they say, the rest is history.

Was it a fluke or was it fate?

Whether we like it or not, the ravages of old man winter visit most of us in all parts of the world, bringing with it the unpleasantries of dealing with the un-bearable cold & frigid weather.

For most of us, especially in the Northern parts of the world, this means a new nuisance is also born. Created by the simple drop in the Mercury on the old thermometer.

It's called plugging in our vehicles at night, so they'll start in the morning. A nightly ritual if you will, a lot like brushing one's teeth. You just do it, or you won't be leaving the house in the morning.

A habit filled with the frustrations of fumbling & fighting with frozen stiff extension cords. Usually, with thick fingered gloves or mitts on.

Making this arduous task even more difficult. Just to keep our precious automobiles oil from freezing up, via engine block heaters. And to also keep our car batteries from dying with respect to cold weather start ups.

Let's face it, most humans are lazy by nature, and convenience is a necessary evil. I felt there just had to be a easier way, to plug in a vehicle than the old fashioned way.

So...I soon found myself consumed with solving the answer to this problem. My mind was on overload. There's just got to be a better way! But, What would work?

One day while vacuuming out my parents car, the light bulb finally turned on. The sudden final snap of the vacuum cleaner cord smacking the back of the canister as it retracted safely back into its housing, triggered the idea. Eureka, that's it!

Attach an extension cord right to the vehicle. Just like the vacuum! And what've you got? The perfect answer & solution...An engine block heater cord reel for winter months, that lets you Pull to plug in - Retract with just a tug. To my knowledge a product like this didn't even exist. But it should. It was necessary!

Everybody needs a flexible retractable extension cord, in a water tight weather proof housing, that can be mounted directly to any vehicle.

It just makes sense to attach an extension cord right to the vehicle, right?

A vehicle is mobile, and people travel, so should the extension cord. Always there when needed. For example... When at work. Sometimes your vehicle can be parked for eight hours or more in sub zero temperatures. If not plugged in. You're vehicle's going nowhere!

Just think of all the tow truck bills you'd save. Imagine, no more toting rock hard extension cords in the back of your trunk. No more coiling an extension cord around your side-view mirror or around the license plate.

What about, driving off with the extension cord dragging behind. Which could unravel in traffic, possibly ripping off a bit of the grille as it is sucked under spinning tires. As well as creating damage to another potential motorist or pedestrian?

Or if you didn't wish to attach a retractable cord reel to your vehicle, There should be one for the home. Any building for that matter. Especially for the garage or shop. Where electrical power is always needed for ones tools, etc. A retractable power cord & cord storage reel all in one... Perfect for inside or outside use.

The outside house reel made perfect sense for plugging in. As it solves all the storage application issues of standard extension cords

We're all tired of the clutter & space they take up in our garages. We're tired of wrapping up extension cords when were done using them, and yes we're tired of untangling them too. Especially when time is of the essence and we've got a job to do.

There's more to this than I 1st. thought. Now to answer my biggest problem. How in the world do I build one? I'm no engineer or inventor. I need help!

After months of research I found there were retractable items that were similar in nature, but not with this application. I then discussed matters further with a friend who did design drafting. We partnered up & he drew up some drawings.

After a lot of paper tinkering, the design was finally done. Now, we just have to find a plastics moulding company to build us a housing. Then, take a retraction mechanism from an old vacuum cleaner, wire it up & presto! We'd have a working prototype which we could hopefully someday patent and possibly manufacture and or sell the rights too. Simple enough, right? Wrong!

Once we found out how much the costs were to get a working prototype built & after brief discussions with a lawyer about acquiring a patent and what was required there, plus the possible costs incurred,our dream of entrepreneurial freedom died as fast as it arose from my imagination.

There was just no way we could come up with that kind of money. We were just too young & without the financial connections, to get us any further. We were to say the least, very frustrated & near the end of our rope. I knew in my mind I/we had something here of value to consumers of the modern day automotive world. Which someday, somehow, maybe, could be our ticket to financial freedom? If I could only find the monies!

I even went as far as trying to talk with some of the powers that be at the big 3 auto manufacturing plants. Ford, GMC & Chrysler. I made repeated attempts to be heard. However, my calls & e-mails fell on deaf ears. Only 1 out of the 3 ever returned my calls. When I did get a chance to speak, the person on the other end couldn't even be bothered with another new automotive invention, unless we had a working prototype. Devastation set in.

Bottom line, If the big three won't even give me the time of day, then, I guess we're done. Then reality finally set in: Our idea would never see the light of day. The idea was scrapped totally. All our drawings & hard work thrown in an old envelope. Gone, but not forgotten. Just due to the very humbling facts. No money & bad timing.

Back to where I started... In response to that newspaper ad.

After telling the folks at APC Group Inc. my story, and proving, I was wasn't crazy they gave me a chance to market & distribute the very idea I came up with.

What are the odds?

Yes, in my mind I invented the idea. I just didn't get it to production 1st. Ironically, Another fellow Canadian beat me to it, but that's another story. Talk about coincidence!

Yes, It's hard to believe, but it's true.

I now market my retractable extension cords idea. Extension cord reels that mount onto cars, trucks, electric vehicles, home, farm, garage & shop. Any industry. Now Even Medical extension cords. Specifically designed Wherever the need for retractable extension cord power exists.

Ironically, I couldn't financially support this idea to even get it off the ground, Now, the idea financially supports me.

I changed my life, all from that one initial idea. How... Well, I harnessed the power of the internet & the worldwide web and built an e-commerce website, powered by Site Build it. was established by Dr. Ken Evoy in 1997. His series of books have helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Make Your Content PREsell! and Make Your Words Sell!,formerly books sold by SiteSell, are now free. They are literally the dynamic duo of "Web-writing."

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They say inside everyone there's an inner voice. A voice that's meant to guide us, through this path we call life. All I can tell you is I listened to mine, and so should you. Because if you don't, you'll never know what could've been.

Never in a million years or in my wildest dreams did I ever think it, but as Jiminy Cricket says From the famous Walt Disney Classic - Pinocchio, and I quote. "Dreams really do come true".

APC Group Inc. Is the only company that can produce a watertight retractable cord reel made for extreme element situations. Our products include a broad range of polar and non-polar standard extension cords, retractable extension cords for consumer, industry, construction, medical facilities, and marine.

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