Retractable Cord Reel - New Wall Mount

The Arctic Leash - Home/Building/Industrial - Wall Mount

The only All-Weather Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Cord Reel Extension You'll Ever Need!

Now available in reverse female plug model.
For Your Vehicle, Home or Shop

The Wall Mount can now be easily mounted to either a flat surface (like the exterior wall of a home or building) or to a power outlet post.

The Ultimate Safe & Watertight - power cord reel.

Dimensions of unit: 12" x 9" x 3"
* Female plug retracts.
* Cord Length - 30 feet

Perfect for:
* Home
* Vacation property
* Farm
* Garage or shop.
* Any Building
* R.V.
* Business/Industry

Visit our Photo Gallery of Product Applications:

Wall Mount - Construction Photo Gallery

Wall Mount - Industrial Photo Gallery

Imagine, no more messing with tangled & unsightly extension cords around your property!

When you need to plug in, simply extend the cord and plug in. When your finished, just give a slight tug and the power cord automatically retracts back safely.

Neatly stored away in it's durable waterproof polypropylene case, hidden out of sight & conveniently ready to use whenever you need it again.

Many applications:

* Yard/power tools
* Plugging in vehicle block heaters
* Battery chargers
* Garage or work shop
* RV/Campers
* Christmas lights/decorations
* Portable generators, etc.

Industrial applications as well. When you really need a reliable heavy duty power cord reel, you NOW YOU HAVE A CHOICE.

Get the original vehicle mount and or the NEW reversible female plug - indoor/outdoor - home/building/industrial - wall mount Arctic Leash today.

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